About Me

About Me!
Thomas Williams

Hi there! I’m Thomas Williams an average 11 year old child with a passion for baking! My passion started when I was 3 years old when my Nanna used to make Meat Pies and if there was any left over pastry I used to fiddle with it and either fill it with My Great Aunts Homemade Mincemeat or her jams.

Since then its been my second nature, hosting Macmillan coffee mornings to donating cakes to local events. The reason why I also started baking is that I wanted to contribute towards the community in my own way. When I saw the joy, cakes brought into peoples life from watching The Great British Bake Off I knew baking was from me.

And as they say the rest is history! Apart from my family there have been some great innovative bakers like Edd Kimber, Nadiya Hussain, Ruth Clements, Jessica Segarra and Sam Stern who sparked some of my recipe ideas, flavours and have improved some of my baking skills.

I am a trial and error, self taught baker ( with some help from recipe books and family members ) who hopes he can spread his knowledge of baking to bring joy into peoples life. The reason why I started it in the first place along with it being my hobby.

I found baking as my thing as living with 2 other brothers who are the same age as me (yes I am a triplet) is a bit tricky as 3 is an odd number. When my brothers Max and James were playing football I would always waking up a treat for when they come in. Life as a triplet is funny, eventful, playful and sometimes weird.

All  those budding bakers out there never give up! You never know that some day you could potentially become the next Paul Hollywood! As I say what makes a good baker is that it needs to be generous and kind for the amount of filling, be a mixture of sweet and salt  or otherwise you won’t get the balance between the two and different creations or otherwise all your creations will be the same!

I hope you find my website useful and please post your recipe ideas and your feedback or otherwise Pea Pod Bakery won’t improve! As I said I love seeing budding bakers in the action so please post your photos on my blog. Thank you for your contribution and for visiting this website.

Yours Thankfully


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