Contact Us!

Contact Us!

This page will give you all the  information you need to contact me if  you have any questions you want answering 121 or any recipes and photos you feel is too long to go onto the blog! You can also contact me by adding questions and other comments into the comments box and I will get back to you that day.

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My email is above for you to get in touch with me if there us anything you want changed about the website as I need your help to keep making Pea Pod Bakery better and homemade/ your recipes that you want me to put on the website!

You can also contact me in the comments boxes around the website. Either the one below or the one on the blog!

The one below is a private message to me for any quires you may have. It is just like sending an email but without the hassle of signing into your account!

Another way you can contact me is with my blog! This is purely for suggesting recipe ideas, cakes, biscuits and any other delicacies that you have produced and for posting your photos of budding bakers in the action!